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Daily Precautions For the Patient

Thalassaemia patients can live normal lives just as any other person without Thalassaemia; there should not be any kind of special restrictions set for them from other people who are not affected. However, Thalassaemia patients should know that:

Proper Prescription

Some medicine, including Chinese medicines, Western medicines and over-the-counter medication may actually worsen the haemolysis in Moderate and Severe Form patients. They contract more serious forms of anaemia and jaundice. Therefore, Moderate and Severe Form patients must inform their registered medical practitioners their situation and receive proper prescriptions instead of taking drugs through other methods.

Additionally, some vitamin pills and blood tonics contain iron, so the patients should be wary when taking these kinds of medications.

Balanced Diets

Usually patients are suggested to maintain a well balanced diet instead of taking blood tonics. Having a well balanced diet for patients mean that they should avoid consuming products with particularly high levels in iron, such as liver, steak, spinach, and apples.

Optimum Amounts of Exercise

It is critical for patients to have any form of exercising in their lives. Parents should not keep their children from sports due to their worries, but in fact, should encourage more activity. Patients, however, should decide on how much exercise they can tolerate and take a rest when they feel tired. Exercise benefits the patient by making them stronger, especially Thalassaemia major patients, whom should not be weak when undergoing blood transfusions. However, if the patient is plausible to suffer heart failure and other complications, they should take care to avoid high impact sports.

Physicians Are There to Help

For patients with Thalassaemia, it is inevitable that they will suffer pain whether it is long-term or short-term pain. Many methods used to levitate the disease including the resection of the spleen, weakens a patient’s resistance, causing other problems such as high fevers. In this case, it is very important that the patient go see their doctors to make sure that their situation does not worsen.