Dress Red for Thalassaemia 2024

Treatments for Thalassaemia

Medications patients can take:

Folic acid

This is according to the patients needs – one day eat once, 1-5 mg. to reverse the damage done by transfusions

Vitamin C

Used to help the (*) circulate better throughout the body. Patients, before injecting, does not need to take vitamin C yet. Patients should not consume VC after dinner, because VC will make the iron inside the food easier to absorb. But eating too much VC will do damage to your vital organs.


If the patient removes the stomach skin, the patient is then more suspectible to contracting illnesses. The patients need to take this medication more and night. This medicine should be used at 250 mg dosage that prevents their illnesses which acts like their white blood cells.

Other medications

Depending on needs, patients may need to use different hormone supplements, vitamin d, calcium tablets, etc. these medications should be used according to doctor’s prescriptions.