Dress Red for Thalassaemia 2024

Treatments for Thalassaemia


Instruments needed:

  1. water for injection
  2. iron
  3. alcohol rub
  4. cotton balls
  5. bandage
  6. pain reliever cream
  7. equipment bag
  8. needle injection machine
  9. scissor
  10. Thalaset
  11. bandage tape
  12. needle

Injection areas:

Steps to getting ready for injection:

one hour before, put on pain relief cream on the chosen spot

apply the bandage on the medicated area as to prevent the cream from getting rubbed off by clothing

before injection, wash hands thoroughly

use a cotton ball covered with alcohol rub to disinfect the water for injection bottle

use the needle to retrieve the right amount of water needed for injection. The remaining water should be discarded.

一瓶藥粉 4-5 c.c.
二瓶藥粉 8-10 c.c.
三瓶藥粉 12-15 c.c.
四瓶藥粉 16-18 c.c.

Use cotton ball with alcohol rub to disinfect the (*) top. Then put the water into the (*) to mix. (each bottle can only hold up to 4-5 cc of water)

Take out the mixture with the needle

Attach the needle to the thalaset and tap out the oxygen until you see beads of water on the needle top.

Set the right frequency on the equipment. (if the needle is 50mm, then the duration of the medication should last for 10 hours – meaning that every hour should release 5mm of medication)

Injection methods:

peal off bandage and use cotton ball to disinfect injection area.

Pull the stomach skin upwards and inject the needle into that area.

Insert the thalaset and use the bandage tape to secure the thalaset on the skin

Put the attached equipment into the bag and strap well onto the body.

The patient is now able to roam around with the equipment attached to him/her.


Injecting will make the area bruised and swollen