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Privacy Policy

Personal Information and Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Children's Thalassaemia Foundation ("the Foundation") has adopted the following policies to safeguard web user's personal information and is committed to protecting its confidentiality. Children's Thalassaemia Foundation will limit the collection and use of personal information to the purpose directly related to the function or activities stated on the collection. Without web user's consensus, the Foundation will not disclose any individual information to other organizations or personals.

A. Basic Statement

Children's Thalassaemia Foundation collects personal information from site visitors on a voluntary basis only. Personal information may include name, title, company, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. The individual information the Foundation collects is used only by the Foundation for carrying out the functions / activities stated on the collection screen. Children's Thalassaemia Foundation will not sell, rent or transmit personal information to other organizations without web user's consensus.

B. Collection and Use

Children's Thalassaemia Foundation's web server tracks and collects general information about the visits to the Foundation's website. For example, the Foundation will compile statistics that show the daily numbers of visitors to the Foundation's site, the daily requests the Foundation receives for particular files, the types of browsers used, the visitors' domain names, and what countries those requests come from.

C. Storage and Access

All personal information web user provides to Children's Thalassaemia Foundation is secured on the Foundation's server with restricted access. Children's Thalassaemia Foundation reserves the right to use agents, who are bound by strict confidentiality guidelines, to perform storage and processing functions. Only designated employees or agents who need to carry out legitimate activities / functions are permitted to view your personal data. Employees or agents who violate the Foundation's privacy policies will be subject to disciplinary or legal actions.

D. Connect / Update Policy

Considering the confidentiality of individual information, Children's Thalassaemia Foundation's policy is to disclose no personal information to third parties unless release is required by law or is pertinent to judicial or government investigations or proceedings.

E. Delete / Deactivate Policy

This site does not offer a way to delete / deactivate your data. However, at any time you may request your personal data to be removed from our database and we will honour such request. You may send e-mail to us for this request.

F. Link to other site

Children's Thalassaemia Foundation may contain links to other sites, and the Foundation makes every effort to link only to sites that share the Foundation's high standards and respect for privacy. However, Children's Thalassaemia Foundation will not be responsible for the content or the privacy practices employed by other sites.