Dress Red for Thalassaemia 2024

Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving

When making or amending a will, donate the specified amount to Children's Thalassaemia Foundation to support the thalassaemia patients.

Policy Donation

"Life Love Action - Policy Donation" is to assign part of your insured policy to designated beneficiary charity to extend the love to the less fortunate.

Children's Thalassaemia Foundation is included in the "Life Love Action - Policy Donation". For details, please visit www.policydonation.org.hk

Beneficiary organization: Children's Thalassaemia
Address: Room 1102, 11/F, SUP Tower, 75-83 King’s Road, North Point, HK
Company registry: 0429866

Memorial Donation

Make a donation in memory of your loved one to support "Children's Thlassaemia Foundation". The donation will be allocated to finance thalassaemia major in medical care, bone marrow transplantation, education and counseling service etc.

Donating money from funerals or memorial ceremonies in the name of deceased loved ones can transform the memory of the deceased and support the less unfortunates.