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Try to think about it

A baby has a hell of a life
  • He always looks pale and weak.
  • He has poor appetite and looks skinny.
  • He has a bulged abdomen and deformed skeleton.
  • He has to receive blood transfusion for a life.

The baby in your imagination is the one who suffers from Thalassaemia major.

Thalassaemia is a kind of hereditary diseases which prevalent in Asia, the Middle East and Mediterranean countries. Children with Thalassaemia major become anaemic after a short period of their birth and have to fight off this illness for a life time.

About 8% of our population under the shadow of Thalassaemia

Clinically, there are two forms of Thalassaemia – Thalassaemia minor and Thalassaemia major. Thalassaemia is more common and about 8% of our populations are carriers. It does not spoil our health and has no symptoms. However, if both parents are Thalassaemia carriers, their children will become a Thalassaemia major patient in 25% chance.

Thalassaemia major inherited from parents

Thalassaemia is a very serious illness that makes parients produce insufficient haemglobin to grow and live normally. Patients get symptoms, such as anorexia, retardative growth, bulged abdomen and skeletal deformation, in their infancy. They must receive blood transfusion to sustain their lives. From their infancy, they have to stay at hospital to get blood transfusion for one to two days a month. If they do not receive proper treatment, they do not only affect by poor health, for example, undersized, skeletal deformation and late puberty, but it is even fatal.

One-eighth of couples may give birth to Thalassaemia major

Thus it can be seen, Children with Thalassaemia are badly influenced on both physically and psychologically. Moreover, constant blood transfusion causes iron built-up that leads heart failure, liver complaint and dysplasia. For this reason, patients have to inject iron removing drug (Desferal), which is injected under the skin, every night for eight to twelve hours; Desferal picks up the iron and carries it out in the urine. This can improve patient’s heath but it cannot cure Thalassaemia. A new oral chelater, L1, is used in some countries, but doctors argue that it may also cause damages to liver.

Giving support local patients

Please make a step by giving support to Thalassaemia patients and let them enjoy their lives!

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